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Planning & Zoning

The application listed below is needed while you are in the planning and zoning phase. Currently, we have adopted Building Code IRC-2018 Edition, please see Ordinance 1 Series 2021. Upon completion of the application, please deliver it to the Town Office or send via email so that the form can be submitted. The application fee is due before the application can be reviewed.


Ordinance 1, Series 2021 - IRC 2018 Edition adoption

Chapter 16 - 2016

Design Criteria

Planning & Zoning Design Application

Planning & Zoning Fee Schedule

Variance Application

Zoning Map

Planning & Zoning Committee Member Application* 2 year appointments in May or June of even years. 



If you have any questions or need any additional information, you may contact our Town Planner Scot Hunn at



(Town of Red Cliff Town Code Sec. 16-5-50 – Approval by Planning and Zoning Commission)

When do I need to apply for Development Review?

The purpose of the Town’s development standards and design guidelines are to ensure that development within the Town complies with the standards of each zone district; that development is compatible with neighboring properties; and that it maintains and enhances the overall design and character of development in Red Cliff.

  • Unless exempt according to Sec. 16-5-20 – Applicability of the Town Code, applications are required for all new work defined as “development” within the Town of Red Cliff.
  • Unless administratively approved by the Planning Director pursuant to Section 16-5-40 – Administrative approval by Planning Director, applications are required for all new work defined as “development” within the Town of Red Cliff.
  • If there is ever a question as to whether or not a development review application is required for your development project, please contact the Town Administrator before scheduling or commencing any work.

How do I start the development review application process?

Depending on the type of construction or development you anticipate doing on your property, the first step of the process is always to contact the Town of Red Cliff Administrator. The Administrator or staff member can help you determine if an application is required.

For development applications, a pre-application meeting with the Town Administrator or staff is suggested. Once you submit the application and required fee(s) for review, staff will review the application for completeness and will inform you of what items (if any) are still needed before the Town will deem your application complete and ready for formal review.

What steps are involved and how long will the process take?

For all development applications deemed to require review by the Planning and Zoning Commission or not otherwise exempt or administratively approved, the following timelines for processing and review of new proposals will apply:

Application Completeness Review

10 Business Days

Application Review

15 Business Days

Public Notification of Public Hearing

14 Calendar Days

Time between application completeness and public hearing

  1. Business Days

Development Application Checklist:

Please submit one (1) hard copy of your application form, plans and accompanying documents, and one (1) electronic copy of the same materials to the Town Administrator.

The following information and documentation is required for all applications for new development.

The name and address of the owner or written, signed permission of the owner to make the application and undertake the development

The legal description, street address and other identifying information for the site at which the development will occur

A current title report or commitment or other proof of ownership

A survey of the site at which the development will occur dated no more than one year before the date of application

A detailed description of the development

A detailed site plan drawn to scale and showing existing and proposed features including site boundaries, easements, required structure setbacks, existing and proposed structure locations, existing and proposed site coverage, areas devoted to landscaping, existing and proposed grades and contours, existing and proposed drainage, existing and proposed off-street parking, traffic circulation, and areas devoted to snow storage

Scaled plans (floor plans, roof and foundation plans), building elevations and perspective drawings sufficient to indicate the dimensions, including building height calculations and measurements, roof design and overhangs, interior plans showing and labeling the intended use of all rooms and spaces of any structure that will be constructed, reconstructed, altered or expanded as part of the development.

Any development approval application fee established by the Town and any fees required pursuant to Sec. 16-3-80, which development approval application fee shall be nonrefundable

Additional Materials:

At the discretion of the Planning Director, or assigns, the Applicant may be required to include such additional documents, studies, maps, plans, specifications, and other materials as the Planning Director, or assigns, deems necessary for the Commission to review, consider, and evaluate the development pursuant to the criteria described in Sec. 16-5-70, including, but not limited to:

  • Materials samples or detailed descriptions of the materials and fixture specification to be used in connection with the development; and
  • Such additional materials, plans, studies, specifications, or information as the Planning Director, or assigns, deems necessary for adequate review of the application and development by the Commission.

What size and how many copies of application and plan sheets are required?

  • Plans for all new development reviews going before the Planning and Zoning Commission require two (2) copies of full size (24” x 36”) plan sheets unless waived or modified by the Planning Director or assign.
  • Electronic copies of all plans and application materials is also required at the time of application.
  • Additional paper copies (8.5” x 11”) for application materials and (11” x 17”) for plan sheets will be required for Planning and Zoning Commission meetings.

Process Continued:

Once the application deemed complete, the Planning Director or assign will work with the Town Administrator and the Applicant to ensure that public notice is provided for a public hearing.

After a hearing date has been selected and public notice has been provided, the Planning Director or assign will then provide the Planning and Zoning Commission with a copy of your application materials and a staff report or review of your project, listing (staff) recommendations for revisions and/or proposed conditions of approval (things that must be addressed after approval of the project design and before any building permit may be applied for).

At the publicly noticed meeting the Commission will take one of the following actions on your application:

  1. Recommend approval to the Town Board of Trustees;
  2. Recommend approval with conditions to the Board of Trustees; or
  3. Recommend denial; or
  4. Table (continue) the application review to a date certain to allow the Applicant time to address any deficiencies or aspects of the application that do not meet town standards and code requirements.

After the Commission takes action on your development application, the Town Board of Trustees will take final action on your application, often times on the same meeting day as the Commission meeting.

If you receive approval, you may proceed to building permit submittal once applicable conditions of design approval have been addressed.

Process Summary:

  • Meet with Town Administrator or assigned staff member to determine what is required for your project.
  • Submit all application checklist materials, as well as applicable fee(s) to the Town Administrator with a minimum of one (1) hard copy and one (1) electronic copy of all items submitted with the application.
  • Planning Director or assigned staff member will review the application for up to ten (10) business days to determine application completeness.
  • Once determined complete, the development application is reviewed by the Planning Director or assigned staff member for up to fifteen (15) business days and referred to the Planning and Zoning Commission for review.
  • The Planning Director or assigned staff member will schedule the application for review on the Planning and Zoning Commission Agenda and work with you to ensure proper notification of all adjacent property owners prior to the scheduled public hearing.
  • During the review of your development application before the Planning and Zoning Commission, the P&Z will make a formal recommendation and your application will then be reviewed by the Town Board of Trustees.
  • If your development is approved by the Board, you may proceed to apply for a development permit (building permit, grading permit or other).

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