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Guide to Visiting Red Cliff

Located in the Rockies Playground, the towns of Minturn and Red Cliff are 9-miles apart in the heart of Eagle County. The towns provide easy access to a wealth of outdoor adventures and are surrounded by the Holy Cross Wilderness, the White River National Forest, and crossed by the mighty Eagle River.

Staff working within the towns of Minturn and Red Cliff government are responsible for local
tourism development, management, and promotion. One of its primary missions within this
tourism management realm is the promotion of responsible outdoor recreation. To enhance
conservation efforts for the thousands of acres of public lands surrounding the destinations,
the Towns of Minturn and Red Cliff encourage all visitors and residents to follow outdoor
recreation principles each time they visit and recreate in the great outdoors.
Minturn and Red Cliff peak seasons occur from January to March and late June to September,
as well as during the public holidays. During the off-peak seasons, visitors can usually find
better rates on lodging. April and October are especially great months to find deals on lodging,
skiing, and dining. Most summer events and activities kick-off in mid-June and run strong
until the end of September. Both towns have extended summer days, with temperatures
remaining on average 70 degrees during the day through September. (Beware of the occasion

This outdoor responsible recreation guide provides two-day itineraries for each of the four-seasons, each of which position Minturn and Red Cliff as a unified hub for outdoor recreation.

Hiking, biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, hunting, and fishing are only some of the
many recreation opportunities offered within the town and on its national forest outskirts.
Together, we will keep our public lands open, safe, and clean all yearlong.

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